The Week that Was. August 5-11

Last Week in History. In case you missed it.

August 5, 1942 Old Doctor – The man who declined Freedom, to die with the orphans he had dedicated his life, to serve.

August 6, 1940 A different Kind of Courage – In the Funhouse Mirror world of the Soviet Union, nine scientists once starved to death, in a room full of edible plant material.

August 7, 1573 El Draque – Pirate, Mariner and Explorer, the first Englishman to sail around the world, and back.

August 8, 1974 A Third-Rate Burglary – Sometimes, the cover-up is worse than the crime

August 10, 2010 An Awful Place – Life and death in the balmy vicissitudes of Antarctica, where the coldest temperature in history was recorded at -135.8°, Fahrenheit

August 11, 1885 Liberty Enlightening the World – The Story of the Statue of Liberty

Author: Cape Cod Curmudgeon

I'm not a "Historian". I'm a husband, a father, a son and a grandfather. A history geek and sometimes curmudgeon, who still likes to learn new things. I began writing "Today in History" nearly six years ago, as sort of a self-guided history course.  I told myself I’d write 365, the leap year changed that to 366. As I write this, I believe there are over 600. I make every effort to get my facts straight, but I'm as good at being wrong as the next guy. I offer these "Today in History" stories in hopes that you'll enjoy reading them, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Rick Long

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