December 7, 2018 End of an Era

The last combat veteran of WW2 to serve the office of President of the United States, has gone to his final rest on Pearl Harbor day.  

We will never go this way, again.

Author: Cape Cod Curmudgeon

I'm not a "Historian". I'm a father, a son and a grandfather. A widowed history geek and sometimes curmudgeon, who still likes to learn new things. I started "Today in History" back in 2013, thinking I’d learn a thing or two. I told myself I’d publish 365. The leap year changed that to 366. As I write this, I‘m well over a thousand. I do this because I want to. I make every effort to get my facts straight, but I'm as good at being wrong, as anyone else. I offer these "Today in History" stories in hopes that you'll enjoy reading them, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Thank you for your interest in the history we all share. Rick Long, the “Cape Cod Curmudgeon”

3 thoughts on “December 7, 2018 End of an Era”

  1. I was thinking about one of my grandmothers who worshiped FDR. He was always her president. Thinking of it now when you mention the last of that generation to serve as POTUS having passed.. to have even voted for FDR in 1944 you’d have to be- 95?

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    1. I read somewhere that the Frank Buckles of the World War II generation, he was the last doughboy from the Great War, can be expected to pass from among us sometime around 2036. It’s hard to overestimate what has been lost, when something like that passes from living memory.

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