Hurricane Ian

One day Hurricane Ian will become “history”.  For now, kindly permit me this personal tale.

This was Mom’s place before and after the Long brothers arrived, to rebuild.

The sights would break your heart.  This is a middle income retirement community already victim of a January tornado, now literally torn to bits. Some folks will never be back.  They have nothing to return to.

I have to say though after a week there, a disaster like Hurricae Ian brought out the best in most everyone I met.

FEMA and state agencies, Salvation Army, all did an amazing job but it wasn’t just the large organizations.

Struggling with a 200-pound generator two different guys stopped their trucks, to help me out.  Church and civic groups, even private individuals from the Northeast to Texas came to pitch in. There were squadrons of utility trucks and caravans of semi rigs.  It seemed the cavalry was riding to the rescue.

Everyday Home Depot, Publix and Winn Dixie employees worked brutal hours to bring folks the necessities even though they themselves had messes to deal with, back at home.

After a week in the hurricane zone I could tell you stories, and they all amount to this. There is more that’s right with the world than the Evening News would have you believe.

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