May 5, 2019 Sinko de Mayo

Life intervenes.
I need to set “Today in History” aside for a while.
I hope this one puts a smile on your face

Back in 1912, Kraft Mayonnaise was manufactured in England.

RMS Titanic was carrying 12,000 jars of the stuff for delivery to Vera Cruz, the next scheduled port of call after New York. Had the great liner not gone to the bottom, this would have been the largest shipment of mayonnaise ever delivered to Mexico.

It’s a little known fact, (so little even my Mexican friends don’t know it), that our neighbors to the south are crazy about mayonnaise.

In 1912, the people were eagerly awaiting the delivery. So great was their anguish at the loss, they declared a National Day of Mourning, which lasts to this day.

That is the tragic, 100% true story of why May 5th is known as Sinko de Mayo.

I know this story to be true. I read it on Facebook.



Life intervenes.  I need to step away, for a time.
Thank you for coming along for the ride.


All the best,
Rick Long
Today in History, and sometimes Curmudgeon

Sinko de Mayo

Author: Cape Cod Curmudgeon

I'm not a "Historian". I'm a father, a son and a grandfather. A widowed history geek and sometimes curmudgeon, who still likes to learn new things. I started "Today in History" back in 2013, thinking I’d learn a thing or two. I told myself I’d publish 365. The leap year changed that to 366. As I write this, I‘m well over a thousand. I do this because I want to. I make every effort to get my facts straight, but I'm as good at being wrong, as anyone else. I offer these "Today in History" stories in hopes that you'll enjoy reading them, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Thank you for your interest in the history we all share. Rick Long, the “Cape Cod Curmudgeon”

9 thoughts on “May 5, 2019 Sinko de Mayo”

  1. HA! Well everything on facebook is true, isn’t it? Isn’t it?!
    I’d just been thinking I hadn’t read anything from you for a while (shows how on top of things I’ve been)- sorry to hear that life’s been complicated, but hoping you can make it back here before long and wishing you all the best 🙂


    1. Hey Barbara,
      Thanks for checking in.
      Things are crazy at work and I’m spending nights and weekends fixing up an abandoned investment property, trying to get out from under two mortgages.
      It’s not the best of times for a medical drama but, there you have it. Life intervenes while we’re busy making other plans.
      I enjoy the history stuff too much to stay away forever, just for a time while this pig works its way through the snake.
      Thanks for hanging in there. It’s a lot more fun with someone to come along for the ride.
      Rick Long

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  2. There is an expression “tá viajando na maionese” popular in Brazil. It roughly translates as “you’re full of bull!” For decades I’ve puzzled over possible psychotropic effects of spoilt mayo. This is complicated by Brazilian usage of “maionese” to mean “potato salad” more often than when referring to the potted product. This theory offers the first glimmering of plausibility I’ve yet encountered regarding the puzzle.

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