April 8, 2020 Suspending, for a Time

92320520_3099813983363605_5300513487540191232_nFrom kids to step kids to grandchildren, this woman has been my companion and partner, in business as in life.

She could pull off a business trip while nursing a premie German Shepherd. She could feed a crowd of 200 out of a small kitchen, and have them standing in line for more.

From Washburn to Annamaria to Cozumel island, from small business to political campaigns to fostering the worthy and needful, both two-legged and four.

We’ve been from triumph to tragedy and back again, together always, and in all ways. My woman, my traveling buddy, the love of my life breathed her last sometime in the small hours, this morning.

I love you baby, this was way too soon.


Rick Long


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